TOP Best Aviation Schools In Ghana: LEARN MORE

To become a pilot in Ghana, a prospective individual must have graduated from any of her aviation schools.

In order to help you achieve your dreams, we compiled a comprehensive list of aviation schools in Ghana. Becoming a pilot can be a fun, dynamic and rewarding.

A pilot is  a person who has undergone training and has been issued a license to fly an aircraft, they are also referred to as aviators or airmen.

They’re different types of pilots like private, commercial, and airline transport pilots, sports pilots and recreational pilots

Search for flight schools in Ghana and apply them

Choose a flight training option e.g Airline Transport, Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Private Pilot License, Instrumental Rating and Multi-engine Rating.

Meet the requirements for attending the flight school

The scarcity of aeronautical schools in Ghana, is one of the reasons behind the increase in tuition fee of aviation schools in Ghana.

The average cost of training and licensing of pilots is around 764,614.57 Ghanian cedis for a private flight school or 593,571.11  for public affordable pilot schools.

Becoming a pilot in Ghana requires you to have undergone training in an aviation school.

While commercial pilot program takes up to 2-3 years for one to qualify, private pilot program lasts up to 3-6 months.

Starwest Flight Academy

Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy

Mish Aviation Flying School

Pegasus Aviation Academy

Global Institute Of Aviation

African College Of Aviation

Anchor Aviation College

Crystal Galaxy College

Rubbenson Professional Institute

Star west Flight Academy: aviation school Is accredited and it is one of the best, providing her students with veteran Education.  It has made provision for an uninterrupted teacher to students Communication both online and In classroom. Ensuring that all relevant documents are given to them.  It has flexible payment options.

Private pilot license  this program will last for 6 months, and the requirements is SHS Certificate, five passes including mathematics and English, tuition fee is $12,000. While registration fee is $3000.

Private pilot license this program lasts for 12 months and it is available to holders of private pilot license, tuition fee is around $33,600, while registration fee is $4000.

Instructors rating this program lasts for 2 months, and it is available for those with private and commercial pilot holders. The tuition fee is around $6,000 and registration fee is $2000.


Ghana Civil Aviation Training aviation school is one of the most popular schools in Ghana, it is renowned for having trained many aviation experts.   Her students’ are highly on demand on Graduation, Admission forms is 50GHC

Pegasus aviation Institution was established to help aviation industry in Africa grow,  this institution employed highly qualified and experienced instructors.

This Institution gives her students Education options , and guides them to use state of the arts facilities.  It  also allows them go for summer camp.

To be eligible for admission in this Institution, you must be 17 year’s, have knowledge of aviation and pass their aptitude test etc.

African College Of Aviation college is unique for training her students in both aviation and tourism,  this school has made provision for aviation training in different programs.

It is one of the most affordable aviation Institution in Ghana owing to how they have made their program.

Mish Aviation Flying School is one of the most affordable school among Ghanaian students.

It tenders distinguished and quality education program, and aims at training pilots and aviation staffs with outstanding  record’s.

It maintains the highest level of professionalism when training her staff.

Global Institute Of Aviation Institution is one of the leading aviation Institution in Ghana, it boasts of international students from different African countries studying and training in her 6 different aviation program.

It trains her students with state of Art’s equipment.

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